Ladder Bunk Bed


Canadian Made

Solid Pine


Ladder end style bunk beds offer a compact design featuring built-in ladders on both ends.
Bunk beds are available in all sizes starting from twin up to queen. Twin & full sizes can be ordered in standard length as well as extra-long (extra-long is 5″ longer than regular length). Extra-long is the same length as queen.

Each bed can support over 400 pounds and guardrails are included for both sides of the upper bed.
Ladder end style bunk beds can be ordered in Regular height or Tall (see illustration below). Tall height bunk beds give you 8″ more headroom in the lower bed.

All bunk beds can be separated and used as 2 beds. You can also purchase just the upper bed and order the lower bed when you need it.  Canadian Made

5 Color Choices

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Twin/Twin, Twin/Double, Twin XL/Queen