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Many consumers have ranked the experience of shopping for a mattress up there with shopping for a car – the whole process can be overwhelming and very confusing. At MasterBedroom, we are committed to keeping the process of shopping for a new mattress as simple as possible. No gimmicks, no 'up-sells' and confusing lingo here, just the straight talk. We have one goal in mind – to ensure you have the best sleep possible. Explore some of our quick sleep tips below then come in for a test-drive because nothing can replace lying on the bed before you purchase it.


What is new in mattresses?

Pocket coils, memory foams, latex, silk, cashmere, wool, organic or natural fibres and combinations of these items are new in the mattress industry.

What to look for in a mattress?

Comfort, comfort, comfort. There are two things in a mattress, support and pressure relief. Find the right combination of those two things to fit your needs.

When to buy a new mattress?

Sleep is important, as long a your mattress is comfortable, approximately seven to ten years. Sometimes our needs change before a mattress is wore out.

Tips & Tricks

The right protector.

You can't put your mattress in the washing machine. Every mattress should have a protector. Everybody perspires, everybody sheds skin, if you don't protect your matress and it last you ten years it not a healthy bed.

The right pillow.

The right pillow is just as important as the right mattress. Your pillow choice is dependant on your sleep position, back, side or stomach sleeper.

The right mattress

The best bed is not the most expensive, it is not dictated by a certain brand, it is the one you are the most comfortable on. Comfort, comfort, comfort.

Did You Know?

We now offer protection plans?
That's right! We now offer Complete Mattress Care Protection Plans featuring: 10-year spillage and stain removal;3-year unlimited odour removal; 3-year enhanced service for rips, tears, and burns; 3-month extended comfort exchange. See store or contact us for details.

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